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CBF Services has been making our customers happy in debt collection since 1948. A few testimonials are below.

San Juan Regional Medical Center

I have been working in association with CBF Services for 10 years...I would highly recommend CBF Services for your collection needs... [click to view]

Adult & Pediatric Urology

You guys must have some secret because as soon as we send over our A/Rs all of a sudden a majority of our people suddenly receive their bills in the mail and they no longer give us the excuse, ‘I didn’t get the bill.’ As a result, we’ve been able to keep our A/Rs down and keep up the cash flow. That’s a priority for us although it’s often difficult to manage them with all of our other responsibilities. Fortunately, CBF makes it fast and convenient for us. They’ve been a tremendous help for us.

Reliance Medical Group

I would highly recommend CBF Services for any company... [click to view]

New Mexico Eye Group

We...have been impressed that [CBF] ... have collected and had paid in full several older accounts that our office was unable to get patients to respond... [click to view]

San Juan Veterinary Hospital

Working with the staff is pleasant and beneficial... [click to view]

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